Stake tokens with WOW!

Grow ammount of Your favorite tokens with our Safe & Secure ROI dApp’s.

How it works?

Chose one of our dApp’s to stake Your favorite tokens and grow it’s ammount with easy!
By sending token chosen tokens to the Blockchain Contract implemented by our professional team You will be rewarded with even more tokens.
Exact ROI is being contracted by the dApp and is being performed regarding setted logic – Easy, peasy!

Blockchain dApp's

Our team of blockchain developers have created multiple dApp's to allow depositors maximize their profits with easy.


Stake Dogechains native tokens - $DC. Why wait for Dogechain's staking when You can grow Your tokens ammount now?

DOGECOIN (Dogechain)

Stake 'DOGE" (WDOGE) in our Dogechain ROI dApp for attractive returns. One of the first such tools on the Dogechian market - Wow!



Stake legendary ETH tokens now! Afterconversion to Proof Of Stake, Ethereum blockchain regain its good name on the dApp's market - there is no huge Gas fees killing a sense of staking small ammounts. Just take your ETH tokens and drop it in-to our dApp!


(Smart Chain)

Stake BNB tokens - most popular token developed by Binance. Proofed and safe staking free of all risks characteristic for BSC market - Yay!


But Why?

Secure & Safe

We hate scams. We fight for beter crypto world!

Doxxed & KYC

Our team is always available and known on the ROI dApp's market.

Professional Team

We have more than 50 years of experience - all together of course!

The Best Conditions

We offer optimal settings of our dApp's - it delivers maximized ROI.

Independent Opinions

"One of the best teams we have ever worked with! All projects done on the TOP level - no scamms or ruggs recorded EVER!"
"We always list projects of WOW! Stake team. Remember that ROI dApp's are very high risk!"
"Staking on Dogechain is so natural! We was happy when WOW! Stake team developed theirs great tools on our blockchain."

It's time for passive income dude!

Śtart growing Your tokens ammount – chose favorite actives and stake it in one of our safest dApp’s!

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